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  1. Gibraltar


    Topotronic’s project on Borderscapes, The influence of national borders on spatial planning have been initiated in the year 2000 and resulted in the Borderscapes essay, published in the book Euroscapes (Amsterdam 2003).

    The two case studies from 2005 on borderscapes were made in Spain: The first case of the border between Morocco and the Spanish exclave Ceuta shows the impact of border on Ceuta’s spatial planning and how the developments on both sides of the border are being stimulated as well as being blocked.  The second case focuses on the old and established border between the Spanish mainland and the former British exclave Gibraltar. Here the border has been a catalyst for development in the Bay of Gibraltar and the mutual reaction forces of the border sides have permitted the development towards an urban agglomeration of about 250.000 inhabitants. For the case studies we interviewed local town planners and urban designers. The case studies compare influences and consequences of mutual forces at the borders and on their physical appearance - borderscapes - and ask finally how those forces may be integrated in spatial planning.

    Topotronic 2005: Arjan Harbers & Kristin Jensen

    Ruimtelijke ordening en borderscapes, S&RO 3 - 2008

    Reciprocal developments, Monu 8 -  2008

    Borderscapes Ceuta, in Bauwelt 44 - 2005

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