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    By making two small booklets the Belgian architects URA and the Dutch urbanists Topotronic have contributed to both a discussion on public space and an improvement of public space in the cities of Brussels and Rotterdam. The concept of the books is very simple. It shows 100 examples of small improvements for the city. On the left hand page one sees the existing situation and on the right hand page on sees  small improvements visualized by collage techniques.

    Urban acupuncture in a city is essential. Large scale civil engineering projects are not the only way to improve the living environment of our citizens. It is also – and maybe above al -  achieved by a variety of small, original or playful interventions.

    The books named BXL100 and RTM100  have both been distributed 10.000 times over the city’s public buildings . The aim is to reach non-professional citizens who are interested in the public realm of their city. The booklets have led to a number of real improvements and commissions by municipalities and housing corporations.


    BXL100 study on public space with URA 2007

    Topotronic: Arjan Harbers & Kristin Jensen

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