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  1. 1998

    De Hoef 1998-2008 – rephotography, published in MONU 12 2010

    In the winter of 1998, I photographed every single building of business park De Hoef in Amersfoort as a reference for a study to redevelop the business park into a mixed-use urban area. In winter 2008, ten years later, I revisited the site and saw that none of my proposals were realized: It still is a monofunctional urban zone.
    I was curious about the changes that had occurred in the business park in the meantime. What would office buildings and industrial sheds - having an average economic life cycle of fifteen years - look like after ten years? Were they run down? Were the buildings flexible enough to have more floors or extensions added to them? In what way did the public space change? Would cars still have enough space to park? How many firms changed their names or went bankrupt? I decided to take pictures of every single building from the same angle as ten years earlier.
    The most significant changes were that one building (the post office) had been demolished and replaced by another building, and that the vacant plots along the highway had been urbanized by now.

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